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Latest News

  • Goodbye Sergeants mini DVDs

    We’ve got these Goodbye Sergeants business card data DVDs up for grabs – very limited edition! Contains the MP3 compilation album from 2017 plus nice colour pro printed inlay with rare photos and liner notes! Pointless? Maybe! Nobody asked for it, but we did it anyway. Check ’em out

  • CELLS Spunk Club tapes

    New CELLS tapes are in! Recorded from the gig on 30th November last year this is a beautiful document of a true punk rock moment – badly recorded, badly played, and badly attended. Check em out!

  • CELLS live with a twist

    CELLS play The Gunners tonight with a bit of a twist: Dan G can’t make the gig so Rich is switching from bass to drums for this one, and the band will be a two-piece. Expect some exciting twists including perhaps the odd Static Statek track…

  • New Static Statek USBs

    We have new load of special edition Static Statek USBs in stock! Each one contains the full 3 hour album in a high quality 320 MP3, and a lanyard so you can wear it round your neck and look like a complete c**t! Head on over to the shop and check ’em out!