Rich Keeble & The More Accomplished Musicians

When Rich Keeble started his new band he damn well wanted his name in the band name and that’s exactly what he did. You wouldn’t expect anything less from a bloody attention seeking actor would you. He also recruited some damn fine talent to be his More Accomplished Musicians: Jon Shortt, whose powerhouse, tight-as-fuck drum work made Goodbye Sergeants sound far better than they actually were, and Dave Johnston, whose jaw dropping fret jumping bass work in Chairfight and Mesadorm makes you want to give up on life and go and live in your nan’s loft.

Their self-titled debut album dropped in 2017, with a couple of EPs in 2018. Songs cover important issues such as stolen office stationary, misjudged genital tattoos, and burning the roof of your mouth. Their second album will be out later in 2019.