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  • Business as usual

    So after a few weeks of Covid lockdown things are getting a bit more back to normal for us and we’ve been sending out tapes and mini CDs, as well as starting to get in new product – check out this new noisecore mini CD from Surreptitious Glance

  • Covid-19

    So you may have heard there’s a bit of a bug going around. Naturally this, along with the UK government’s current stance on not providing tangible financial support for the self employed, affects the posting and indeed manufacture of physical products. Therefore for the foreseeable we won’t be able to post out anything from the […]

  • Rich Keeble Curry Tapes

    Every now and then a release comes along which truly captures the imagination of generations. If you enjoyed Rich Keeble’s In The Bath full length (and why wouldn’t you), then you’ll surely love this limited edition C14 cassette containing a recording of him eating a takeaway buffet curry. You get it all here: the rustle […]

  • Lazy 7 inch

    We finally got round to putting the RKMAMs Lazy EP on 7 inch, and we’re very happy with these lovely looking lathe cuts from Lathe to the Grave! Sadly the first batch were all shifted at the November gig, but we’ll get some more in soon! Check them out in the shop!

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