Hello there! If you’ve been lucky enough to come across one of our “Tiny Taster” mini CDs, here’s a little more info about those tracks:

Rich Keeble & The More Accomplished Musicians – “You Took My Stuff” (album version) – taken from the album “Rich Keeble & The More Accomplished Musicians” MTVR-001. This is the version with all the swearing. Clean version is available on the single MTVR-002

Static Statek – “Untitled #4b” – taken from the album “Volume I” MTVR-005. Also appears on “Untitled EP” MTVR-010

Warbatron – “Jessie (full version)” – taken from single “Lady of the Night / Jessie” MTVR-004

CELLS – “Did it All Over You (live)” – taken from “Live at Spunk Club” cassette MTVRCS-009

Goodbye Sergeants – “Out of My Depth” – appears on “Now That’s What I Assume Is Goodbye Sergeants! 10 Years 2007-2017” compilation MTVR-003.

Rich Keeble – “Bellend Tattoo (acoustic)” – taken from “Bellend Tattoo (Remixes)” MTVR-008